Digital-first kids entertainment company
We are a team of entertainment and technology
experts with an ambition to redefine the
kids entertainment industry in this new digital age.

Owning digital IP with views in the billions, we know where kids are and what they like. This gives us the power to create content that is relevant to kids and available in the way that they want it.
Founded in 2018 by media veterans René Rechtman and John Robson, with established offices in London and Los Angeles.

Creative team - Our creative team creates inspiring
and engaging stories to expand kids’ worlds and
Production team - Our production team bring the creative vision to life, producing and publishing thousands of minutes every month with the use of our new model of highly efficient production.
Distribution team - Specialised in digital distribution, they distribute across multiple digital outlets - from YouTube to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Roku TV, Sky TV and many more.
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